2020 CBA Regional Concert Band Registration
Please complete one registration form for each ensemble you wish to enter in the CBA Regional Concert Band Festival. At the completion of each registration you will receive a confirmation of registration along with a payment link. NEW THIS YEAR: We have added four additional performance times at the State Concert Band Festival for great bands from Small Schools (under 1000 students). The top 32 bands from Regionals will be invited to state, then the next 4 highest scoring bands from small schools that earn at least a Division II Rating or are specially nominated by the adjudication panel. If there are not 4 qualified Small School Bands, we will fill those additional times with the next highest scoring bands from Regionals, regardless of class.
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Director Name (as you would want it in a program) *
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School Size *
Please check your CDE Enrollment at this link and use the Pk-12 Count number in Column V (or, if your building houses grades beyond high school, add the counts for grades 9 through 12): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9AA9OU_ErifTE1NcTRuakdIcEZNVzVIa2xhczNDZFduYk1v
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What Regional do you wish to attend in 2020? *
You will have priority (and be guaranteed a spot if you register and pay on time) if attending the same regional as you did in 2019. It is hoped groups attend the same regional as last year. If you wish to attend a different regional than last year, in addition to filling out this form, please EMAIL JACK YONCE at fjyonce@gmail.com IF NEW TO REGIONAL FESTIVAL, please know we will make every effort to accommodate you!! Select your preferred regional.
Block Performance Preference #1 *
Regionals will be scheduled in 3 consecutive blocks of 6 bands (3 hours in length). All your activities (warm-up, performance, clinic, and listening) will occur within that block of time (the first band in each block will warm-up 30 minutes prior to that block time but be done 30 minutes before the end of that block).
Block Performance Preference #2
If you do not get your first choice of Block Performance, what would be your second choice? If you answered "I can make any assignment work" in the previous question, leave this question unanswered / blank.
If possible (and assuming you are attending the same regional location) would you like the same schedule as you had last year, in 2019?
If you qualify for State Festival, will you go? *
The State Festival is Monday and Tuesday, April 20 and 21, at CSU Ft. Collins. The fee for state is $400. State performance day (Monday or Tuesday) will be determined by random draw from those schools qualifying for state. Bands that perform at State Festival will be billed separately, after Regionals are complete. Bands Going to State: “Your ensemble’s state program must include new repertoire from your regional program. Swap a piece, add a piece or movement - but remain at or under 20 minutes”
Do you wish to receive a participation plaque (includes your rating)? *
While we are happy to provide you with a plaque if you will use it, in an effort to save money if you will not display or do not wish to receive a plaque, let us know here.
Are you a current CBA member? *
You must be a current, dues-paid member of CBA to participate in this festival. If you answer "no" please do not submit this form until you have updated your membership. Visit: https://www.coloradobandmasters.org/new-products-1
Fee Payment *
The Regional Concert Band Festival Fee is $350. In order to complete your registration, your fee must be RECEIVED by the CBA Executive Secretary by November 15th. A link for credit card payment is on the CBA Website. When you finish this page and hit "Submit" you will receive a confirmation that you may print to use as an invoice or for your records - this confirmation includes a link to payment. You will also have the opportunity to submit another form for additional ensembles.
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