Successful Career
What is required for a successful career?
How would you describe yourself?
Where were you born and raised? (Country)
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Do you believe you have a successful career?
How important are these aspects for a successful career?
Not important
A bit important
Extremely important
Relationships within the team
Relationship with a direct manager
Understanding mission of the company
Understanding your impact on lives of others
Cultural fit with the company (shared values)
Autonomy in the way how you get work done
Fair opportunities for everyone on the team
Regular promotions (career progression)
Personal growth (learning something new, becoming a better person)
Professional growth (getting better at what you do; mastery)
Getting regular feedback
Getting recognition within the whole team/company
Being appreciated by the manager (regular positive recognition by the boss)
Compensation aligned with your needs
Compensation aligned with your contribution to the company
Security (knowing that your job is safe)
How would you describe a successful career?
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