TECgirls Insights Survey for Girls 6-12

Igniting a passion for TEC (technology, engineering and creativity) for young girls in Cornwall!

This survey aims to help us understand the current awareness of TEC in schools and the engagement of girls aged 6-12 in TEC related activities. This form is meant to be filled in by the girls themselves, but an adult can help explain questions if needed. Please try not to answer the questions for the girls, we really want their answers to be uninfluenced if possible.
The data we are collecting with this form will be used for research purposes by TECgirls only. It will not be shared with any third parties, other than selected organisations we work with to implement TECgirls events and initiatives. It will not be used as the basis for any further communication with you, by TECgirls or by any third party. You have the right to ask us to delete your data at any time.If you would like to discuss how your data is collected and handled by TECgirls, please email us at info@tecgirls.co.uk. Please tick 'yes' if you are happy to share your survey answers with us on these terms.
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What school do you go to?
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Please tick all of the gadgets you have in your home and that you are able to use on your own or with a parent
Please tick all of the gadgets you have used before at school on your own or with a teacher
Tick all the jobs you have heard before and know what the job is. *
Tick all of the jobs you think are good jobs for girls/women. *
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