Activity 2: On Types of Research
Instructor: Hark Herald C. Sarmiento
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Instruction: Identify the specific type of research (i.e. Action, Pure, Applied, Descriptive, Explanatory, Exploratory, Correlation) for each given topic by selecting the proper research type in the column buttons. Likewise, on the space provided below your answer, write the importance of such research in your day-to-day life. *
a) Theory of Relativity
b) University Belt Street Foods
c) Landline vs. Cellphone
d) Reasons Behind Tuition Fee Increases
e) Manila Flash Flood Solutions
f) College Assessment Practices
g) Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking in Learning-Teaching Situations
h) The Why and How of Internet Use
i) Effects of Korean Telenovelas on Filipino TV Viewers
j) Digital Age
k) Teaching Through PowerPoint Presentations
l) Archimedes’s Principle of Buoyancy
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