Year 12 Destination Survey 2015/16
1. What is your first name?
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2. What is your last name?
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3. What is your gender?
4. Were you an International Student (when you were enrolled at Kogarah High School)?
5. Do you come from a background where you have learned English as an Additional Language /Dialect (EAL/D)?
(Your background is EAL/D if your first language is a language other than English and you have required additional support to assist you to gain proficiency in English).
If "Yes", what is your language background? (If "No", type: N/A).
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6. Do you have a disability?
If "Yes", what is your disability? (If "No", type: N/A).
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7. Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI)?
8. Did you study an VET or TVET course in 2014 and / or 2015 as part of your HSC?
If "Yes", list your course(s) (VET Hospitality and / or TVET course):
(If "No", type: N/A).
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9. Are you / will you be working in 2016? (Choose one option from drop down menu below).
10. Will your employment be related to the HSC VET or TVET course you studied?
(If you didn't study a VET or TVET course, choose the third option below).
11. Did you do work placement(s) as part of your VET or TVET course(s)?
12. Do you think that your work placement helped you find a job?
13. Did your VET / TVET course contribute towards your ATAR?
14. What was your ATAR? (If you didn't get an ATAR, type: N/A).
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15. Will you be continuing with further studies in 2016? (Choose one option from drop down menu below).
16. What is the name of your course of study? (If you will not be studying, type: N/A)
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17. What is the name of the TAFE / University / Private College you will be studying at?
(If you will not be studying, type: N/A).
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18. Were you aware of school opportunities to prepare for your post-school options through:
19. Did you take advantage of these options?
20. Would you like to be contacted for future events at Kogarah High School?
My personal email address is:
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