Year 12 Destination Survey 2015/16
1. What is your first name? *
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2. What is your last name? *
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3. What is your gender? *
4. Were you an International Student (when you were enrolled at Kogarah High School)? *
5. Do you come from a background where you have learned English as an Additional Language /Dialect (EAL/D)? *
(Your background is EAL/D if your first language is a language other than English and you have required additional support to assist you to gain proficiency in English).
If "Yes", what is your language background? (If "No", type: N/A).
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6. Do you have a disability? *
If "Yes", what is your disability? (If "No", type: N/A).
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7. Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (ATSI)? *
8. Did you study an VET or TVET course in 2014 and / or 2015 as part of your HSC? *
If "Yes", list your course(s) (VET Hospitality and / or TVET course): *
(If "No", type: N/A).
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9. Are you / will you be working in 2016? (Choose one option from drop down menu below). *
10. Will your employment be related to the HSC VET or TVET course you studied? *
(If you didn't study a VET or TVET course, choose the third option below).
11. Did you do work placement(s) as part of your VET or TVET course(s)? *
12. Do you think that your work placement helped you find a job? *
13. Did your VET / TVET course contribute towards your ATAR? *
14. What was your ATAR? (If you didn't get an ATAR, type: N/A). *
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15. Will you be continuing with further studies in 2016? (Choose one option from drop down menu below). *
16. What is the name of your course of study? (If you will not be studying, type: N/A) *
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17. What is the name of the TAFE / University / Private College you will be studying at? *
(If you will not be studying, type: N/A).
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18. Were you aware of school opportunities to prepare for your post-school options through: *
19. Did you take advantage of these options? *
20. Would you like to be contacted for future events at Kogarah High School?
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