Osney Lock Hydro Flash Mob sign up
Very occasionally we need extra hands to help with trash screen clearing down at the hydro. This is particularly the case at the start of a generation season or after a storm, when the river is unusually filled with leaves, twigs or, as we are finding this year, algae.

If you are happy to join our hydro flash mob - a group of volunteers happy to be called upon to see if they can help with additional clearance sessions - please give your details below.

Trash screen clearing usually takes place once a day (or more in times when there is a lot of debris) usually first thing, or lunch time and usually takes around 30 minutes. We are particularly keen to recruit banks people whose role is to accompany one of the main trash screen team and remain on the bank, whilst the screen is being cleared. We always need a second person on site during clearing in the unlikely event of the alarm needing to be raised.

Thank you!

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