ARSET Advanced NDVI Homework 1
Please complete all of these questions and submit the form to receive credit. The first few questions refer to the lecture review and the remaining questions refer to specific steps within the homework handout. Homework must be submitted by February 24th, 2016.
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1. Which of these data portals do NOT provide Landsat data? *
2. What is the formula for NDVI? *
3. Chlorophyll in plants absorbs green wavelengths. *
4. In general, what happens to NDVI in the spring and summer months in North America? *
5. Name an application for NDVI that relates to your work or study area. *
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6. Explain how a NDVI anomaly is calculated. *
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7. What does the OpenLayers QGIS Plugin include? *
8. What is NOT included in the attribute table of the CA_Cities_Top10 layer? *
9. When you download Landsat imagery from Glovis, you obtain multiple .TIF files and each one is slightly different. What is the significance of the end of each file name? *
10. What is included in the Metadata tab of your raster image? *
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