cRc 2020 Mechirat Chametz
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This form can be used for Mechirat Chametz until 11:30 PM CDT on April 6th.

Lets go through a summary of the document of authorization. Once authorized, you the seller are bound by all the terms of the document, whether you understand them in the Hebrew or not.
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You are appointing Rabbi Yona Reiss, Av Beit Din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council, or his designee, as agent to sell your chametz for you to a non-Jew. You are not selling your chametz to him. *
This authorization extends to all kinds of chametz (even tiny amounts), including chametz that you own outright or in partnership with a non-Jew (including through shares in corporations that own chametz) or for which you are responsible. This includes chametz that is in your home, your office, in storage, in transit and elsewhere. *
You authorize him to sell and deliver any (or all) of that chametz, to whomever he chooses, by any kind of transaction he chooses. If the buyer doesn't pay the price, the sale will still be valid and beyond challenge. *
You authorize him to rent out and grant rights of access to any area in which your chametz is located, even if to get there the buyer has to go through other parts of your property. These rights are non-exclusive, so you can still use those areas. *
You authorize him to sell chametz that you don't yet own, but will become yours before the time that you're not allowed to deal in chametz, or that will become chametz on Pesach. You declare that you reject ownership or possession of anything that might become chametz on Pesach, and that the non-Jewish buyer is free to acquire that chametz from hefker (its ownerless state). *
You authorize him to write a document of sale to the buyer in any way he chooses. You authorize him to delegate his rights and responsibilities to others to effect the sale. *
At this point it is customary to lift up an article, such as a handkerchief or a pen with the intention of confirming your agreement to be bound by the terms of the document of authorization. If the agent is not in front of you now,  somebody else may now hand you a handkerchief or pen on behalf of the agent. *
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