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If you have an inquiry about your deportation case and/or need to report an incident of law enforcement collaborating with immigration or an immigration raid, please fill out this form in its entirety. Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee that a lawyer will take on the case. We are not lawyers but we can help you in discerning some basic information about your options and about your rights as they relate to your situation. Additionally, if you seek legal advice, filling out this form will prepare you by organizing the basic information you will need to resolve this issue with a lawyer. Please fill this form out completely and if we cannot help your case in particular, we will send you a download of your form so you can take the information directly to other providers/agencies that will be able to assist you only if you arrive with all this information ready for them.

We cannot answer any legal questions for you, so if you need legal counsel, we encourage you to talk to a lawyer.

For more information, check out our community resources at
You can also find information about your rights on our Hotline: 1-888-600-5762
This section is for informational purposes only. Please fill this out so that we know who it was that made initial contact with the individual who needs the assistance.
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