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So why am I asking you to submit your details?

I'm asked daily if I can recommend people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to speak at various events, participate in panels, chat on podcasts, contribute to articles etc. I have a list of names that I've slowly collected from my personal network, but I know there are some brilliant people out there who have some fantastic insight to share who I'm not connected with.

With the work I do with A Leader Like Me (aleaderlikeme.com) with my co-founder Priya Bates, I'm keen to make sure there are no excuses for not having representation. I also want to make sure that we hear from different voices from across different industries, so it doesn't become an echo chamber.  So if you want to build your speaking portfolio, then complete the details below.

Co-founder A Leader Like Me
Managing Director CommsRebel

DISCLAIMER: A few bits for you to know - I can promise you, without a shadow of a doubt, that I'm not planning on collating all this information to sell onto third parties. I'm doing this because I'm a bit fed up with not seeing appropriate representation and people saying that they can't find anyone to speak on their panels/conference/podcast etc. Your details below will be made public so those who are looking for speakers can search the list and can approach you directly.

If you change your mind and don't want to be part of this list then drop me a note at hello@commsrebel.com and I'll delete your details within 72 hours.

What I mean when I say underrepresented are people who may have been discriminated against (consciously or unconsciously) because of race, gender, sexuality, age, religion, disibility etc and/or people who are the minority in a majority.
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I hate asking people to put themselves in a box, so please use the free text to describe yourself in a  sentence. For example, for me, I would say: I am a British born South Asian Indian woman, and my pronoun is she/her.
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