Registration to Christmas fair "Dizaino skveras" 2020
Creators and designers of handmade and homemade fashion, lifestyle and homeware products are welcomed to participate in Christmas Event ‘Dizaino Skveras. Kaledos’ in the heart of Vilnius, V.Kudirka square in heated pavilions.

Event date: 15th - 20th December 2020.

Opening hours:
- December 15th from 11 to 19 o'clock;
- December 16th from 11 to 19 o'clock;
- December 17th from 11 to 19 o'clock;
- December 18th from 11 to 19 o'clock;
- December 19th from 11 to 19 o'clock;
- December 20th from 11 to 16 o'clock;

Event place - V. Kudirka square, Vilnius, Lithuania

Event area:
- heated, illuminated stylish dome pavilions;
- 24/7 security throughout the event;
- spacious and heated changing room for visitors;
- electricity;
- strategically good location;
- music.

Requirements for exposition:
- only white, black or natural wood color exposition furniture;
- exposition used to be minimalistic not overloaded with goods;
- height of exposition up to 1,80 m;
- exposition and participant should fit to booked area.

Prices starts from 150€ + 21% VAT/ for minimal 1 m width x 1.5 m depth area depending on chosen area.

For participation in "Dizaino skveras" please fill up registration form below. After that please send 2-4 photos of your exposition from previous events by e-mail:

Registration will take place until all sales areas will be booked.

All data will be used only for event organisation uses only.

NOTICE: Due to limited numbers of sales areas, the organizers reserve the right to select participants. Participants will be notified by e-mail within one week upon registration regardless of acceptance. Selected participants confirmation is complete once and invoice has been sent and payment has been made.
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The price includes space in the heated pavilion and general lighting during the event. Minimal exposition area - 1 x 1.5 m, it means: the ordered number of meters is the visitor exposure - 1 m, and the exposure depth - 1.5 m.
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