Satisfaction the advisory board on the study program
Please choose one option
Are program objectives well-defined?
Are program objectives measurable?
Are program vision well-defined?
Are program mission well-defined?
Are program outcomes can be measured?
Is program offered which meet the community's labor market needs?
Are there significant occupational areas not covered by career and medical education?
Does the program have effective employment system, and follow-up services?
Does the college provide a description of the medical education program, career and its support services?
Is there sufficient staff to provide support services?
Is employment and job placement information available to all students?
Do all consultants have access program data and use current labor market expectations to provide employment opportunities according to skill needs?
Do all program consultants possess a working knowledge for career and medical education programs?
Are views and advices of program consultants readily available to all students?
Does the college keep its follow-up records?
Does the college systematically gather information on employers' evaluations of program completers in their employ?
Is follow-up information systematically used to make program improvements?
Does the college have support groups for students in the training?
Are instructional staff persons current in the skills needed and techniques used in their occupational area?
Does the administrative staff have a process to remain informed of actions affecting career and medical education?
Does the administrative staff maintain regular contact with appropriate community?
Is there a coordinated effort to inform the public of the institution's programs, services and special events?
Is the curriculum performance-based?
Does the curriculum accommodate variations in students' abilities and interests?
Is the program developed is maintained with the advice of individuals employed in that occupation?
Is the size of the building and its classrooms adequate?
Are the equipment and tools sufficient in quantity and quality and current with those used in the workplace?
Are the classrooms, equipment, tools and other materials safe and safely used?
Is the classroom and laboratory area safe for students and staff?
Do follow-up studies show whether graduates have the skills needed to enter employment in their chosen field or to pursue further postsecondary education?
Are student organizations available and encouraged as a part of the curriculum?
Are students in the training provided support and encouragement?
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