Daily assessment 1
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Vata is a combination of Agni (Fire) and Akasa (Space) *
A car represents Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire) and Prithvi (Earth) *
In the human body, the location of Kapha begins at the head and goes all the way till the uppermost part of the stomach *
Sharp and smelly are characteristics of Pitta *
Honey is the best pacifier for vata *
If you feel tired all the time, it is an indication that Kapha has increased *
If you have Visama Agni, you will have strong hunger sometimes and little to no hunger sometimes *
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Some indriyas have sensory function while some have executionary. The mind is an indriya which performs both sensory and executionary functions. *
Inability to concentrate, easily getting distracted is because of Kapha *
The predominant panchamahabhuta in Blood is: (Can choose more than one option) *
When you are taking a test/exam, which panchamahabhutas are predominant? (Can choose more than one option) *
What panchamahabhuta constitutes your smartphone? (Can choose more than one option) *
During which phase of human life is Kapha predominant? *
Properties of Pitta are: (Can choose more than one option) *
What happens when there is reduction in Rasa Dhatu or lymphatic & bodily fluids (other than blood and urine)? *
Which Dhatu provides stability and protection to the body? *
Kapha is responsible for: *
When vata is imbalanced there is: *
Purisa (stools) in adequate quantity has this good characteristic: *
Which of the following is true about Satva? (Can choose more than one option) *
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