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GamesAreForEveryone is a mix of friendly club night and indie arcade space that happens in Edinburgh a few times a year. It blends wonderful, raucous, and beautiful games with drinks, live music, and lovely people, all in a bar-type setting.

Our next event will be happening at The Caves in Edinburgh on Friday 21st April, and if you have a game, project, or installation idea that you'd like to feature as part of the event, then we'd love to hear about it via the form below!

Whether it's a chaotic multiplayer game, a quieter, more intimate experience, an alternative controller, or a one-of-a-kind installation, we're open to submissions of anything, from absolutely anyone, so don't hesitate to pop in your work/idea, and if we can can make it happen we'll get back to you!

Oh, and if you have any questions about the night, definitely drop us a line! You can get us at

Hi there! What's your name?
And your email address?
What is it you'd like to submit to GamesAreForEveryone?
A game? A prototype alternative controller? An installation idea? If you could provide a short paragraph describing your project or plans that would be fantastic, just so we know a little bit more about what you have in mind!
Do you have any screenshots/videos/photos/recordings of what you'd like to submit?
If you have any examples of your work, then we'd love to see them to get a better idea of your project.
What sort of space / special equipment requirements would your work need?
For example, does your project need a lot of floor space? Or multiple set-ups? Or a projector? Etc. (If you let us know what your ideal set up is, we can definitely try to make it happen!)
Would you be willing / able to be at the event in person to show off your work?
This isn't 100% necessary, but if you can make it then we'd love to have you at the event to show off your game! We also have some budgets available for transport and productions things, too, if that helps!
Is there anything else we should know, or you'd like to ask us?
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