Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Mass Registration

Dear parishioner or guest of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. In order to plan and accommodate for as much protection of persons as possible in light of the COVID-19 epidemic, the directives of the State of Indiana and the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, please review the following rules for attendance at public worship:

• All Masses will have limited attendance capacity in order to maintain separation of at least 6 feet between related families and seating in every other pew row. We estimate our capacity to be around 10 families/30 people per Mass. If the seating limit for any given Mass is reached, the doors may be locked and Ushers directed to inform additional arrivals that the Mass is closed. If it is found that all Masses are reaching their capacity, the parish will consider adding an additional Mass time each weekend.

• Upon arrival, please expect and allow the Ushers to direct you to a location so that it will be easy to judge how quickly the church is reaching its seating capacity. If you have a disability or need special accommodations for your seating, please politely notify the usher who assists you.

• All attendees in the congregation are REQUIRED to wear a face mask, except to pull down briefly when receiving Holy Communion, very young children, or those for whom breathing would be an issue. Sacred Heart will not be providing masks, so those must come from home and be worn when entering the building. Hand sanitizing stations will be available in multiple locations.

• Participants in the Communion line must maintain a distance of 6 feet from the person ahead (approximately the distance of 2 pews). It is preferred to receive Communion in the hand so as to avoid the minister sanitizing after each individual distribution. If you wish to receive on the tongue, please wait until the end of the Communion line. Participants are not required to receive Holy Communion. Also, there will be no sign of peace and Communion will not be offered from the cup.

• Please expect the ushers to excuse the occupants of each pew one at a time following Mass. As much as we all long for and need socialization and human connection, please do not congregate or linger in the lobby or parking lots after Mass.

• Please make sure all members of your party use the restrooms before leaving home. While the restrooms will be available if essential, we discourage their use during Mass and prefer that people avoid them if possible.

• It is STRONGLY ADVISED that persons older than 65 years OR persons with compromised immune systems, cardiopulmonary, or respiratory disorders not attend public worship at this time. St. Jude will continue to provide online presentation of each weekend's liturgy for the benefit of those who stay home.

• Persons experiencing symptoms including fever, coughing, sneezing or any known COVID symptom are asked to stay home. It is NOT mandatory for any Catholic to attend Mass in the FWSB Diocese until at least August 15, so please make a careful evaluation of the risks to your own family's health and that of others if you choose to attend.
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