Community-Based Mental Health Services Survey
Please answer the following 11 questions based on your experiences with the mental health services in your area. (Adapted from NHS Mental Health Service Questionnaires). Created by eXDee.
1. Have you/relative/friend been affected by a mental health issue in the last 3 years?
2. Did you access any mental health community support groups?
3. Were support groups easy to access?
4. Did you see someone in a reasonable amount of time?
5. What is your age group?
6. What would you advise a friend or family member to do if they were experiencing mental health/well-being problems? (i.e.: depression, self-harm, eating disorders, anxiety, phobias) - Select all that apply.
7. Do you know where to find information on these kinds of services in your area? If so, please specify where.
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8. What kinds of services would you like to see in this area for people who have problems like these?
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9. Where would be a suitable location for these kinds of services?
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10. What is your postal code? (This information will be used to understand any differences across geographies) - optional
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11. Please use the space below to give us any further information.
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