Mardi Gras by Bicycle - survey
For a second consecutive year, Bike Easy is trying to gather data and input for people that ride bikes during the Mardi Gras season. Please take a moment to provide us feedback so we can best advocate to make biking easy, safe, and fun for everyone in Greater New Orleans. 

Share this survey with anyone you know that bikes during Mardi Gras!

Please fill out by Friday 3.15.2024
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What is your race/ethnicity?
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What area do you live in?
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Outside of the Parade Season, how often do you bike?
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Do you find yourself riding a bicycle more often during the Mardi Gras season?
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What parades do you find yourself riding a bicycle to?
When riding near parades, what streets do you take?
How do you ride to parades?
Do you utilize Blue Bikes during Mardi Gras season?
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What can be done to make riding a bike a better experience during parades?
Did you have any issues specific to crossing parades? What were they and how can they be made easier?
Tell us more! (What were some highlights of biking during the season for you? Or anything else you'd like to share)
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