Becoming a Freelance Writer with Confident Gamers
Thank you so much for expressing interest with writing for Confident Gamers. We would be honored to have you as part of our team however we need to get some of the basics out of the way first to determine if this is the best match for you and for us.

Please note that at this time Confident Gamers is still growing and developing. We are currently working on launching our marketing campaign which will including have advertisers and sponsors featured on our blog. Until we fully immerse ourselves in this level we do not have the funding required to provide monetary compensation for your writing. We are dedicated to providing as much promotion and exposure to you as a writer as possible and will ensure that you are fully credited for your work. And if you stick with us you can rest assured that these terms will be adjusted as our marketing campaign develops.

In the mean time please answer a few questions that will best help us to determine what areas within our website you will be best suited for.

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While we are primarily a Video Game Industry outlet we know that many of our readers care about and what to know about much more than just the games. What industries to you enjoy writing about? (please list all that apply) *
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Describe the content tone in which you are most comfortable writing in. *
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A huge part of Confident Gamers is getting out there and meeting with industry professionals and conducting interviews to share with our readers about their business. How comfortable are you at conducting interviews? *
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The video game industry has grown tremendously over the years and one thing that many gamers take seriously is accurately reporting on the history of their beloved games and franchies. We strive to ensure that the information we are providing is not only relevant but can be backed with facts. What is your research methodology when preparing an article? *
How do you learn about new topics about which clients ask you to write? When new features, products, or technology comes out in your industry, how do you learn about it? What publications, resources, and researchers do you visit to inform your content?
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While we may have helpful plugins installed we want to ensure all of our content gets the optimal exposure possible. Are you familiar with how to optimize content for search engines? *
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What elements do you consider important to have in your blog post.
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We are a family owned business that also must operate around a 40 hour work week for our day time jobs. We fully understand that your time may be limited and want to respect that. Knowing ahead of time your availability will eliminate any embarrassing conversations later on.
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Can you describe what your writing revision cycle typically looks like? *
Are you open to having several revisions on a piece before it is posted?
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Anything else you would like to share with us
Please feel free to share anything else you think we should know or would encourage us to always turn to you for our primer writer?
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