Qualitative Productivity Analysis Questionnaire

Productivity measurement is basically a process of identifying the appropriate measures or metrics to be used, and the computation of their results to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of the resources used.
Basically, productivity = output / input. Thus, measurement of both the output and input, using the productivity levers, are keys to enhancing productivity.
This questionnaire is about the qualitative measurement of productivity based on the productivity levers shown in the figure below:

    Productivity Levers

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    Self-assessment of each the productivity lever is scaled as follows: 0=None 1=Some 2=Some Key 3=Most 4=Most Key 5=All Key

    1.We establish sales projections and targets to achieve our sales growth
    2.We formulate marketing strategies to enhance sales revenue
    3.We identify new market segments and their requirements through research and analysis
    4.We regularly analyze and review our product mix in our identified market segments
    5.We constantly improve our product and service quality
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    1.We focus on our key competencies and practice 'best sourcing'
    2.We collaborate with partners and key suppliers to ensure on-time deliveries
    3.We engage in inventory and supply chain management to optimize cost of materials and services
    4.We review and improve business processes to achieve optimal level of operations
    5.We continuously reduce the cost of non-conformance in our operations
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    1.We nurture a productivity mindset throughout the company
    2.We train and enhance our employees' skills to perform work effectively
    3.We deploy manpower effectively and flexi-work arrangements to meet demand fluctuations 
    4.We implement good management practices and communicate productivity goals to employees
    5.We assess workforce satisfaction level and work attitudes 
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    1.We utilize appropriate technology to improve our business systems and work processes
    2.We review the effectiveness of machines and equipment in our various processes
    3.We set targets for machine and equipment utilization, and track their results
    4.We review the optimum usage of space and use shared facilities
    5.We adopt a strategy to achieve optimum utilization of capital and R&D Investment
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    Courtesy: Asian Productivity Organisation