VBLFC 2021 DJ Online Application
Hello and welcome to the VBLFC DJ Application process. Please complete all sections accurately and completely.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE Sunday June 20th, 2021 at 11:59PM.



Due to the sheer amount of applicants, we will try, but we cannot guarantee we always be able to provide feedback on your mixes. We have tried to accommodate this request in the past, but due to the amount we receive (over 70 hours of mixes per year) we don't always have the time to meet those requests.

We partially rate DJs using the following criteria:

- Attitude: At VBLFC we try to maintain a Team Atmosphere with our dances. We look for people who bring a positive attitude to all they do, and help support both the dances and their fellow DJs. You don't have to like everyone, or agree with everything, but a professional level of respect and a positive attitude is a must.

- Availability: VBLFC REWARDS DJS WHO HAVE SUPPORTED THE CON, WORKED WITH US PREVIOUSLY, AND HAVE LEFT A GOOD IMPRESSION. Dances will run Friday to Sunday. The more nights you are available, the more chance you have of receiving a slot (Ie: If you only put Saturday, you're more likely not to have a slot than to have a Saturday slot.) We consider ALL slots at the convention as 'Prime' slots. We do not have "Headliners'". If you receive a slot on any day at any time you most likely will have beat out 50 or more other applicants. If it's your first year at BLFC and you are not available more than just Saturday your chances are very diminished.

- Genre: We try to ensure we have a good mix of all genres while also ensuring we are meeting the expectations of the organizers and our attendees. What genre you play can affect how you rate in the selection process. Some genres draw larger crowds than others because the music is more accessible to a larger percentage of con-goers. We have a responsibility to ensure we are entertaining the most amount of people we can during the convention weekend. We look at our dances as a way to show people a good time more than to show off individual talents. If you are able to do both you have a better chance of success.

-Sound Quality: Is your music at 320kbps or higher? Lower bit rates tend to sound very poor on larger systems. If you're using low quality files our audio team is going to have a tough time making you sound nice during our dances. Audio ripped from sites like youtube or illegally downloaded are generally of a lower quality and it will show. Only use high-quality files or recordings in your mixes. Note that both Soundcloud and Mixcloud support 320kbps files.

- Technical ability: Can you mix? Beat-matching ability, harmonic mixing, style, flow, and overall feel are just a few things we look at. Do you mix song to song, or does your entire mix have an energy arc? Do the tracks you select fit well together or is it a mish-mash? Is your mix from a live show so we can see how you respond in a live situation? Are you using high-quality music or tracks ripped from youtube (yes, we can tell the difference). These are just a few things to consider!

- Experience: Yes this matters. And I know it can be a catch-22. How do you get experience if you need experience to get a slot? While DJ's with live experience will most definitely, and in my opinion, deservedly get preference, we always make sure some slots are available to new-comers. People who show they are committed to improving themselves and their abilities will have a leg-up! Even if you have no live con experience what have you done to try to play in front of others? House parties, live-streams or room parties? Let us know how committed you are!

- Past BLFC slots: We try to find a balance of bringing back successful acts with ensuring there is new talent each year. Having a past successful BLFC slot means we already know what you are capable of. We also notice when DJ's in traditionally 'slower' time slots bring out their friends to fill the dance floor, or play a set that rocks the crowd beyond our expectations, or who go out of their way to support the people around them. We like to reward those kinds of positive experiences. This also goes the other way, people who have gotten slots and not shown up, or shown up late or with a bad attitude may not be accepted the following year.

- Opportunities for those new to BLFC: We want to ensure we always have fresh faces and space for DJs who are at BLFC for the first time to play. Regardless of how much returning talent we have on the roster, rest assured we are committed to showcasing newer talent on our stage.

- Other: this is just a list to give you a general idea of what we look for. Be yourself and play what you believe is your best. It will shine through!


Please follow us on twitter, where you can ask questions or follow what's going on with our dances: @BLFCDances

VBLFC DJ/Dance lead is Midekai: @Midekai on Twitter, FA and Telegram, Discord is Midekai#4701

APPLICATIONS CLOSE Sunday June 20th, 2021 at 11:59PM.
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