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I'm so excited that you are interested in getting involved with us, we have one mission #CreateTheChange. Our local economy is shaped by the small businesses and the local shoppers and buyers, so as a community we need to show them support! Likewise our local social needs and their funding should be determined by the people who live in and experience those social needs every day, not just the ones in power or with all the money. houses a facility for free crowdfunding (for those that can afford to directly give to social needs) but also a local business promotions section that supports local business growth while also allowing those who may not normally be able to afford to give back the opportunity to help decide where funds go!

We've got some exciting news though - Gets2Give has changed a lot since our launch but the website frame hasn't - it's time for a change!

I'll be redesigning and revamping the site to better support the small businesses and to be even more user friendly. I've listened and learned so much about what small businesses, our subscribers and nonprofits need, and I can't wait to put it all into action!

I'll still be promoting and marketing small businesses on social media, (because you guys are awesome, duh), but all deals, gift cards and offers will temporarily be unavailable during this phase of redesign. Though we definitely still encourage business to submit them for the new site! I will have a temporary site for the meantime that will have all of our business partners listed as a #businessthatcares and links to their social media profiles and websites.

I'm really excited about this upgrade and hope you are too! I'll keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks for being a part of my vision, you rock!

Meredith Fleig

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