By completing this survey you will help the AIESEP Board to design it's strategy for the next three years. This survey is completely confidential unless you choose to include your name. Please answer the following questions as honestly as you can. This survey should take no more that 20 minutes to complete.

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As a member of AIESEP, how would you describe your aspiration for the organisation in no more than 4 sentences? *
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Please list 4 areas in which you feel AIESEP IS performing well, in your opinion? *
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Please list 4 areas in which you feel AIESEP is NOT performing well, in your opinion? *
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What, if anything, do you feel is missing from AIESEP's current offerings or activities? *
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What aspect of AIESEP enables you most in your work / research? *
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Looking to the future, what areas do you think AIESEP should prioritise for next five years? *
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Personality – If AIESEP was a person, what 6 descriptive words would best describe his/her personality? *
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AIESEP is an Innovative organisation
AIESEP are meeting my needs as a researcher
Has evolved in line with my discipline
AIESEP is as relevant today as it was when I first joined
Has added value to my career
Equally represents researchers at all levels equally
Has introduced me to new collaboration partners
Has facilitated and supported me to do new research
Equally represents researchers across the globe
Offers me more than just conferences
Has helped me expand and innovate my research
Is an organisation of which I am proud to be a member?
AIESEP has the potential to take on Physical education / health challenges facing society today
AIESEP, in it's current state is already enabling this?
How often do you think about or engage with AIESEP? (website, newsletter, email, publications, events etc.) *
As an individual, how would you rate your proficiency in the following areas? *
Not Applicable
Fundamental Awareness (basic knowledge)
Novice (limited experience)
Intermediate (practical application)
Advanced (applied theory)
Expert (recognised authority)
Literacy and numeracy
Scientific literacy
Information Communication Technology literacy
Financial literacy
Cultural literacy
Civic literacy
Critical thinking/problem solving
Social and cultural awareness
As a member of AIESEP, would you be willing to give some of your time to help the organisation grow and improve? If so, how many hours per year would you be willing to give? *
How likely are you to recommend AIESEP to a colleague or friend? *
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Extremely Likely
Any additional comments you feel would help us design our strategy for the next three years?
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