2020-2021 Berrien County Senior Exit Survey
We are looking for feedback from our Berrien County Graduating Seniors regarding CTE and your future plans. Please answer the questions as truthfully as possibly, this data will be used to our program development and marketing in the future. Thank you again for taking the time to fill this out.

Chris Machiniak, Assistant Superintendent/Regional Director of Career and Technical Education, Berrien RESA
Student Information
What is your "Home" district? *
Have you ever taken classes "off campus" at another school or site, if so where? *
Career and Technical Education Information
Career & Technical Education Website for Berrien County
Have you ever been to or seen the Berrien County CTE website (pictured above) for Berrien County? This may have been during scheduling or during a class looking for information. *
Are you or have you ever been enrolled in a Career & Technical Education Class? (Business, Accounting , Automotive, Culinary, Building Trades, Medical (PHCA, Allied Health), etc...) *
If so what was/is the class? (Name of Class & Location)
In your CTE class, they offer either Dual Enrollment Credit (LMC, SMC, ect...) or Articulated Credit for Post-Secondary (college). Which did(does) the program you took offer?
All of our CTE programs utilize different methods to link Reading and/or Math to our CTE content such as KeyTrain or Khan Academy. Did your CTE program have you work with a program in Reading and/or Math throughout the year? *
Work Based Learning Experience
All of Berrien County CTE programming uses Work Based Learning (WBL) in their classes to help link the content of the curriculum with "real-world" application.
What type of Work Based Learning (WBL) did your CTE program use during the year (Select each that apply)?
Was the Work Based Learning (WBL) experience valuable for you? Did it give you a good feel for what that profession would consist of if you choose to pursue this field?
Clear selection
Educational Development Plan Information
All schools in Berrien County have access to a career navigator type of software such as Xello or Naviance, and are using it to build student EDP's (Educational Development Plan). Our schools begin this process in Middle School.

Your EDP should give you an idea of a career field to pursue after answering many questions about Likes & Dislikes. Many schools have their counselors work with students at least once a year on this program.
What grade did you begin working on your EDP? *
Do you have access to your EDP, and is it something you use (have used) to plan future classes/post-high school options? *
Future Information
What are your plans for next school year?
What class has impacted your future career/college choice the most? & Why?
If you took a CTE class, how well do you feel this class prepared you for taking the next step in your career field (be it attending college or going straight into the workforce). Please select "3" if you never took a CTE course.
I do not feel the curriculum would prepare me for a future career within the field of study
I feel the curriculum prepared me well for a future career within the field of study
Clear selection
What is your comfort level with what Career & Technical Education (CTE) is and what type of classes are offered as part of CTE within Berrien County?
I know nothing about CTE, I have barely heard of CTE while in High School.
I am very familiar with CTE, and am comfortable that I knew what classes were available to me BOTH in my school and in other districts.
Clear selection
How satisfied are you with your ability to explore different career fields through your district?
I feel I have had little chance to explore different career fields
I feel that I have had a multiple opportunities to explore different career fields
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How satisfied are you with your ability to earn (through articulation or direct credit) college credits through your district?
I feel I have had little chance to earn any college credits
I feel that I have had a multiple opportunities to earn college credits
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What advice would you share with incoming freshmen concerning classes and overall outlook for High School?
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