D.I.Y Electronic Workshop
Subscribe to the next Dub Siren workshop in Austria by Klementz. It will take place the 18.05.2019 from 13:00 - 20:00
Location :
Lendkai 45
Graz, Austria

During this workshop we will propose you to build various kits from our catalog, and will be there to help you during the assembly, soldering and building process.

The D.I.Y Kits are provided without case nor caps (color knobs), you can either buy some of your choice and build your own case or buy it from us (Options 7 & 8)

If you want to put 2 kits in the same box, plaese specify in the message area below.

The lists of the kits can be found on our website : https://www.klementz.fr/shop/en/20-diy-kits

We don't have any Credit Card machine, payment in Euros and in cash is preffered. Thank you
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