Registration Form for Foreign Exchange Student/International
Students will not be eligible to compete in any activity until cleared by the Activities Director.  If you have questions please email
1) Please complete the below form in google.  

2)  Then deliver the following attachments to the student activities office at St. Peter High School:

      a. A copy of student’s birth certificate or passport;
      b. A copy of student’s certificate of health insurance issued by a U.S. company;
      c. A copy of student’s immigration documents including his/her visa;
      d. A copy of the student’s official untranslated transcript;
      e. A copy of an English translation and analysis of the student’s transcript(s) by an acceptable agency;
       f. A copy of all application forms from the student to the sponsoring agency;
      g. A copy of information about the sponsoring agency including, but not limited to, its previous involvement in sponsoring exchange students;
      h. Identification of all criteria used by the sponsoring agency to place the student with the host family;
       i. A copy of the student’s identification card from the sponsoring agency; and
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Email *
Student's Name (as it appears on passport) *
Student's Permanent Address (in home country) *
Telephone Number in home country *
Birth date of student *
Student's Age *
List history of all schools student has attended (US and International) ? *Please list for each school attended: 1) Name of school 2) City/Country of school 3) Dates of attendance 4) Grades attended *
Has this student graduated from high school in their host country or completed their terminal grade? *
What is the final grade this student has completed in their host country? *
Student's grade at St. Peter High School *
When this student returns to their home country what level of schooling will they continue in? *
Last date student attended secondary/high school in home country: *
Number of semesters of secondary school completed out of total semesters. (Ex. 12/14 OR Semesters completed / semesters to graduate) *
When did student enter the United States? *
Visa Classification *
Visa validity dates *
Student's flight was paid for by... *
Name of Exchange Program *
Local exchange program representative monitoring student. (Include name, phone number, and email) *
Name of host family *
Address of host family and telephone number *
Did the exchange student have a pre-existing relationship with host family? (If yes, they may not be eligible for varsity competition) *
If you answered 'Yes' to the above question, please explain the relationship. *
Please classify your placement to St. Peter High School. *
Has the student ever... *
Communicated with any coach at SPHS prior to placement?
Communicated with a sports agent about athletic participation in the U.S.?
Discussed sports participation in the U.S. with any corporate representative?
Been provided housing by a sports team or program?
Received money for participation in any athletic program?
Entered into an agreement with a sports agent (verbally or contractually)
Completed on a team against a team where members were being paid to play?
Agreed to provide any individuals with money in the future for assistance in the past?
List all organized sports participation in home country. *
List 1) Sport 2) Year(s) 3) Division/Level 4) Name of Team
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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