Rock Climbing Safety Course 2019 Application
Please fill out this form entirely to be considered for the RCSC of the SCMA. Spots are limited and all applications will be reviewed by the selection committee. You will be contacted about your application status in early December. If invited to the course you will be set a Welcome Packet with a detailed gear list.
You must be 18 years or older.
The cost of the course is $450.00.

Mandatory Course Dates all sessions meet on Saturdays from 8am-5pm. Rain or Shine.
Session 1 February 9th - Stoney Point
Session 2 February 23rd - Stoney Point
Session 3 March 9th - Mt. Rubidoux
Session 4 March 23rd - Mt. Rubidoux
Session 5 April 6th - Big Rock, Lake Perris
Session 6 and Graduation Trip April 26th to Sunday 28th - Alabama Hills, Lone Pine
(We recommend taking Friday off for traveling and getting out of LA!
Plan accordingly!)
There are NO exceptions and NO Make Up's

The RCSC of the SCMA is NOT A BEGINNING ROCK CLIMBING COURSE. 6 months to a year of climbing experience is required. We teach climbers self-reliance, safety and prepare you for membership in the SCMA. You will learn all about Trad Climbing and Multi-pitch climbing. It will put you on the path to becoming a competent climber with the skills necessary to enjoy the sport safely and be an active member of the SCMA for years to come.

Thank You, SCMA and the RCSC Committee

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5th class technical climbing, with a rope and on rock.
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The following items are required to begin the course.
Climbing Harness *
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Climbing Helmet *
Belay Device and Locking Belay Carabiner *
ATC device only. No Gri-Gri's
Nut Tool *
4 standard locking carabiners *
Four shoulder length slings - 120 cm length. Pre-sewn or Webbing *
1 Cordelette. 7mm or 8mm cord only. *
20-25 feet of bulk 7mm or 8mm nylon accessory cord.
Rain Gear *
The class meets rain or shine. Be prepared because we will climb.
Mandatory Course Dates No Exceptions or Make-Ups: Session 1 Feb. 9th - Session 2 Feb. 23rd - Session 3 March 9th - Session 4 March 243rd - Session 5 April 6th - Session 6 & Graduation Trip April 26th - 28th 2018
Attendance for all class dates is mandatory. If accepted into the course, can you attend all scheduled classes? *
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Last chance to let us know why you want to join the club!
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