Announcement for volunteer recruitment!

If you are interested in a volunteer work and want to get involved in facilitating self-help meetings for English Speakers in Tokyo, we invite you to become a Colourful Heart volunteer.  

We are looking for someone who is a LGBTQ member and has some psychological issues (e.g., mental issues and/or neurodevelopmental issues/neurodiversity), and with whom we can share our passions for our community.

Colourful Heart is one of few organizations in Japan that deal with LGBTQ members who have mental issues.  

Our organization has been supported only by volunteers including ourselves, and we cannot offer reimbursement for your hours or transportation fees you spend for us so far. We hope you can enjoy fulfilling your passions for our community in Colourful Heart!

Also, we are grateful with our applicants who want to commit to the volunteer work at least 1 year.  If you expect to stay in Japan just for several months, or move back and forth to Japan, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

1) LGBTQ and psychological issues that are currently stable to manage your responsibilities as a facilitator.  
Responsibilities include:

2) You are expected to attend a meeting once a month. In the case you expect another obligation/duty to deal with that keeps you from attending a monthly meeting, you are expected to inform Colourful Heart as soon as possible.  Please do not skip the meeting without a proper notification or just send us the notification one day prior to the meeting unless it is an urgent matter (e.g., medical issues, family matters or something you cannot control the situation).  The best practice is your cancellation needs to be sent us 3 or 4 weeks prior to the meeting.  

3) As we cannot provide transportation fees to attend the meeting, you might think your location to Nakano, Tokyo.  
Venue: Smile Nakano
(中野区社会福祉会館 スマイルなかの)
5-68-7 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

4) Regular communications (Zoom or in person) with Colourful Heart staff members to report each meeting.

5) We expect you are innovative and enthusiastic to help your cohorts. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.
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