2021 Virtual Side Event Interest Form

As a prominent feature of the International Borlaug Dialogue, side events provide a space for organizations and initiatives to coordinate and execute their own unique event in conjunction with the Dialogue. Virtual Side Event Host Organizers design these gatherings to demonstrate work, promote further dialogue, and engage attendees through hosted events, panels, receptions and announcements.

The 2021 International Borlaug Dialogue (October 20 - 22) will be offered in a hybrid format. We are excited to provide partners with the opportunity to host virtual events alongside the plenary content of the Dialogue. For those who are interested in convening in-person side events, please contact Madeline Goebel, Director, Strategic Partnerships.

More details can be found at www.WorldFoodPrize.org/SideEvents.

Kyle Poorman
Director, International Dialogues
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Please provide a brief overview of the potential production and logistical details for your event. (Eg. if you are selecting a roundtable discussion above, how many panelists would you foresee in the session? What virtual platform do you prefer? How many speakers / facilitators, etc.? As much detail as you could provide on your logistics will greatly assist us in our planning.)
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