Studio June materials to play with at home! If we can't be in the Studio...bring the Studio home!
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Waiver of Liability and Acknowledgment of Responsibility
You will be asked to sign a hard copy of this waiver before you receive your first set of toys. This copy is for your review before we process your payment.
Studio June's Studio to go program is designed to assist parents in encouraging a child's natural urge to explore and need to develop independence at home while a parent or other appropriate caregiver is providing the child with adequate supervision. Thus, you acknowledge and agree that: (1) you are solely responsible for your child’s use of the Studio to go sets and for supervising your child at all times while in possession of or using Studio to go sets,(2) you are solely responsible for inspecting any toys or other items provided as a part of the Studio to go program and for making sure that the items are safe and appropriate for use for your child and for other children who may be able to obtain the toy before use, and (3) all toys and other items provided under the Studio to go program are provided AS IS and without warranty, representation, or inducement, express or implied, of appropriateness for your particular child, suitability, fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, or otherwise.By this acknowledgement, you agree, on your own behalf and on behalf of any child under your care or supervision, to WAIVE AND DISCLAIM any right to sue or make or maintain a claim against Studio June or its employees or staff related to Studio-to-go kits (including but not limited to any claim based on alleged ordinary negligence of Studio June or its employees or staff) except to the extent that the claim is based on knowing or reckless misconduct of Studio June. You assume full responsibility and liability for any and all such claims, injuries, or damages, and you agree to indemnify Studio June and its employees and staff for and against any and all claims, damages, reasonable attorney’s fees, or other costs of litigation related to a breach of this Waiver and Acknowledgement by you. *
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