Inspirational documentary workshop "Other voices, other rooms"/October, 2017/ (registration)_PhotoCULT
Other Voices, Other Rooms
[a documentary film and photography workshops]

Do you work with documentary film and/or still photography? Do you want to be inspired and find new ways? Are you interested in topics, perspectives and voices of people that are not represented in mainstream society today? Do you have a project you would like to develop? Do you want to connect with other film makers and still photographers?

Then this workshop can be something for you.

Inspirational workshop in Kharkiv 7-8 October, Odessa 10-11 October, Lviv 14-15 October 2017. Choose to apply to the workshop in the area that suits you. You can visit one of the mantioned cities.

Our coordinator will contact you to confirm your participation after the registration will be finished.
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