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This document is the required pieces of information to submit an application for consideration in the GitKraken Boards Marketplace.

Make sure to check out our app requirements ( before submitting.

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Application Details
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Please provide step by step installation instructions for your app
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Describe your architecture and infrastructure:
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What are the main technologies behind your application? Also provide a basic summary of how it works.
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Where is your application hosted (self-hosted servers, AWS, Azure, etc.)
Any other notes
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Security & Privacy
Please answer the following security & privacy questions. If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” please provide additional details:
Does your application collect user information? *
If yes, provide details as to what is collected and what it’s used for
Does your application show any ads? *
Is all communication by your app between services (including to and from Glo) encrypted (using HTTPS) during transit? *
Do you have the ability to delete all user data within 30 days of a request? *
Do you share any user data with any other people or companies (3rd parties)? *
As part of this submission, you are hereby agreeing that:

- You have the legal authority to submit this application
- All the information you have provided in this application is truthful
- You agree to have this application listed on the GitKraken Boards Marketplace
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