Workshops & Classes in Jewell's Kinky Classroom
Learn to tie your male or female partner safely with items you can find easily in your home or garage.

In these two workshops, there is an emphasis on using rope, what size rope, recommended types of rope, types of gags, foreplay activities, bondage positions conducive for sexual activities, and safety.

Rope is provided so all participants can practice each position demonstrated on their partner or someone else in the class. DVD’s featuring all topics discussed in class and instructions to execute all positions demonstrated in class will be available for purchase at the end of the workshop.

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Available Workshops
1) Learn How to Tie Your Male Partner
2) Learn How to Tie Your Female Partner
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Workshop Deposit and Payment Information
A $50 deposit is required prior to all workshops for all clients who are brand new or frequent visitors.

After I receive your application I will inform you how to submit a deposit to me.

If you prefer not to pay your $50 deposit online, you can also mail a $50 deposit in the form of cash, check, or money order to My mailing address here:

Jewell Marceau
827 N. Hollywood Way #135
Burbank, CA 91505 USA

No refunds will be issued for any workshops or classes that are cancelled less than 72 hours ahead of the agreed upon set date/time of the class. You may pay in full up front or you can pay at the time of your class, the balance of your workshop fee must be paid in CASH and will be collected before the workshop begins.

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