CraftTheory Application Form 2.0
Hey there! Thanks for your interest in joining Craft Theory. Please read through and answer all the questions as best you can, taking the time to read this will hopefully answer many of the questions around HOW someone joins our group, and what we are looking for in a player.

Before we begin I highly suggest you visit our discord as you'll be asked for your discord name in this form. Discord if you aren't aware is a voice chat / text chat application. You can use it on your PC or Phone and it's a key hub for all of our members.

Up front warning before you begin, this application isn't what gets you into the group and on the server, it's simply a way for us to get some information on who is interested and allows us to know you've read through everything. All members on our server are voted in by the existing membership, and they only vote in people they have gotten to know and feel would be a good fit to join our group. For some people this process is super fast (some people click immediately) for other people it takes a weeks or months of hanging out and people getting to know you and your personality before they get an invite.

The best way to get to know the members is by hanging out in discord (voice chat especially) and joining in on public events like UHC's, Mini-Game Realms, other non-minecraft games (Golf with Friends is popular), etc. Feel free to share your content if you make videos' or stream, anything that lets the members get a sense of you and your personality.

So after all that let's begin!
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