2020 K-Town Shakedown Officials Application
2020 K-Town Shakedown
Wings Event Center, Kalamazoo MI, USA
Presented by the Kalamazoo Derby Darlins

K-Town Shakedown is a WFTDA recognized 3 day tournament on 2 tracks with a mix of WFTDA sanctioned and regulation games and JRDA sanctioned games

Starts Friday April 24th - Sunday April 26th

Tournament Head Refs:
Zsa Zsa Kapow and Dur A Queer
Tournament Head Non-skating Officials:
MegNitude and Dragon Harass
A'Blazing Grace and Thunderkate

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I understand that as an official of K-Town Shakedown that I will be representing the event, the Kalamazoo Derby Darlins, the leagues participating in the event, and my crew. As such I will perform consistent with the Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby (including all applicable publications, Q/As, casebook entries, and standards as of 27 April 2018). Also, I understand that I will be expected to perform consistent with the WFTDA Code of Conduct and Risk Management Guidelines (a/k/a "Safety Policy"). I understand that while this is a hobby and fun should be a large factor in doing this, that I will be professional and sober (of all intoxicating substances) during all my "shift" (i.e. "until all the games I am scheduled for that day have been completed").
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