Vulkan Memory Allocator Survey March 2019
Are you a software developer, use Vulkan and the Vulkan Memory Allocator library (or at least considered using it)? If so, this survey is for you. Please spend a few minutes and help to shape the future of the library. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. The survey is anonymous - no personal data is collected like name, e-mail etc. All questions are optional.

First, please think about the recent project(s) where you use Vulkan and VMA.

How experienced a programmer are you?
Where do you develop your project(s)?
What kind of project(s) is it?
What platform(s) do you develop for?
What compiler(s) do you use?
Which Vulkan version do you use?
What other tools and libraries do you use in development?
E.g. RenderDoc, volk, simple_vulkan_synchronization, AMD Anvil, Google Filament...
Your answer
What features of Vulkan and VMA do you use?
Yes, using
Aware of it, but not using
Didn’t know about it
Sparse binding, sparse residency
Custom memory pools
Alternative allocation algorithms: linear, buddy
Lost allocations
Debug margins, corruption detection
JSON dump and its visualization
CSV record & replay
What features would you like to see added to VMA?
Yes please
May be useful
Don’t care
Support for device groups (multi-GPU)
Support for VK_EXT_memory_budget
Support for VK_EXT_memory_priority
Support for resource overlap/aliasing
Lost allocations fixed/optimized
Sample app and tests for Linux
Object-oriented C++ wrapper
A higher-level library on top, e.g. Texture class streaming its data in/out of GPU memory
What other features would you like to see added to VMA?
Your answer
What are the things you like the most about VMA?
Your answer
What are the things you dislike about VMA?
Your answer
If you don't use VMA today for a particular reason, what is that reason?
Your answer
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