Application for a Green Flag Trails Audit
Please complete this form if you wish to have your trail audited and certified as a Green Flag Trail. This form can also be used to apply for an up-dated trail audit, if your trail has already received a Green Flag Trails audit and certification in the past.
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Referral by Green Flag Trails Auditor
If you are applying on the recommendation of a Green Flag Trails Auditor that you know or have worked with before, please insert their name below. If you are the Green Flag Trails auditor applying on behalf of a trail, then please insert your name and email address below.
Please leave any additional message or any further information you would like us to know, or any questions you may have.
Many thanks
We look forward to contacting you to begin the process of accrediting and auditing your trail.

You will receive a follow up email from one of our trail audit coordinators, who may request further information to assist in compiling quotes from independent certified Green Flag Trail Auditors for the cost of your trail audit.

As Green Flag Trails is administered by a volunteer International Committee and Regional Expert groups, it may take a few days for us to reply fully to your trail audit request.

Green Flag Trails is a project of the World Trails Network - a nonprofit association based in Geneva, Switzerland.

If you have any questions, please contact us on:

Many thanks,

Green Flag Trails - International
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