Getting to Know You
Before we can get to the "Shall we coach together?" convo, I need to know more about you -- where you're feeling small or stuck, perhaps, or where you want to SHOW UP for yourself to create a kick-butt life that makes you excited to get up in the morning! After you answer these questions, submit the form and I'll respond by email ( I look forward to getting to know you, Superhero!
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The Superhero(es) you most admire and why. What Superhero name would you pick for yourself? ;-) *
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What are some of your top challenges that you might want to work on together in our coaching sessions? 

"I can't stand up for myself, and I want to figure out why and change that."

"I have some really bad habits I want to work on, like people-pleasing and not feeling strong enough to tell people what I really think and feel."

"I can't stick to any resolution I make. I'm sick of myself. Can you help me figure out why?"

"I want to understand my mental saboteurs, especially my Judge, and how to stop them from controlling my life."
What are some of your top values? How are you living them out? Where are you getting stuck in living them out?

Examples: integrity, self-control, authenticity, kindness, courage

"I want to be self-controlled all the time, but some people just make me so angry that I lash out. That needs to stop."

"I want to feel like a badass Superhero. But most days I feel like a wuss. I'm covering it up, but I'm tired of pretending. I want to be STRONG for real. Help!"

How critical is your mental judge of you and others? How do you want to change how you think about yourself and others? How would changing your thoughts improve your life?

How have you already tried to make changes in your thoughts, beliefs, and habits? What's your learning style? What hinders you from growing and sticking to goals?

Examples: Do you like to read information or listen to it? Do you like short focus periods, or really digging into a topic? Do you like recorded info or live sessions?

Paint me a picture of how you see yourself showing up as a Superhero. ;-) Write in the present tense (using "I am" statements). Gimme all the juicy details! This will help me to see what's really motivating and important to you. ;-)

Please take this short quiz and share your results below: If you want to add your Enneagram number or Myers-Briggs type, share away! ;-)

When do you see yourself having the time and budget to start coaching together, Superhero?
What coaching/accountability sessions would you be interested in booking?  *
Anything else you'd like me to know? Thanks for being so vulnerable and sharing! YOU ROCK!!
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