Professional Learning for Arts Educators: Learn, Share, and Plan at Shelburne Museum
Arts educators (art, music, media arts, theater, dance) will gather to learn, share, and plan alongside one another in both workshop and breakout work sessions. The day will begin with shared learning on the topic of the educator’s role in supporting equity literacy in the arts room and an orientation to the Vermont Arts Learning Target Bank. Then participants will engage in collaborative work time based on shared needs. Topics include, but are not limited to, curriculum design, teacher resource share, building proficiency scales, rubrics, performance assessments, and team time. Participants will be invited to sign up for work sessions upon registration, as well as, explore the museum grounds and galleries. Time will be provided for whole group learning, discussion, and collaborative work time in breakout groups. Teams are welcome and encouraged. Please contact with any questions.
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Sign up for one topic per session. These sessions will be EdCamp-style-- informal and participant driven. The goal of each session is to share with your peers, learn from your peers, and build/improve classroom materials with like-minded arts educators.
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If you have signed up for one of the resource sharing sessions, write a short description of what you will be sharing. A table to place your link and description will be provided in the confirmation e-mail. *
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