Beautify Waterbury
Revitalizing Waterbury is launching an exciting façade and building improvement program for businesses and residents in downtown Waterbury named Beautify Waterbury. Interested parties can apply for financial assistance to complete eligible projects that improve the front- or street-facing side of their building, such as pressure washing, painting, landscaping, and more. The intent of Beautify Waterbury is to work in conjunction with Main Street Reconstruction and help properties directly adjacent to the active construction zone. While Main Street Reconstruction enhances the sidewalks and roads of Waterbury, Beautify Waterbury will extend from the sidewalk to the front of the house or building.

The Beautify Waterbury committee is conducting this survey to gauge interest about the types of projects desired in order to best plan for distributing grant funds. Please note that this survey is only an indication of interest, not an application or commitment. All interested parties must submit an application and all projects must adhere to the requirements of Beautify Waterbury, in addition to any local and state codes and guidelines. Applications will be available in early 2020 and eligible property owners will be notified when available.
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In order to maximize grant funds, eligible projects are determined by the impact of construction on the property.
Adjacent properties that had a higher impact from Main Street Reconstruction will be eligible for funding towards all types of projects (Level 1, indicated below in red). Level 1 includes properties along Main Street, sections of Stowe Street, Elm Street, Bidwell Lane, Park Row, and Park Street.

Adjacent properties that had a lesser impact from Main Street Reconstruction will be eligible for funding towards projects that clean up or mitigate any impact related to construction (Level 2, indicated below in light blue). Level 2 includes properties along Randall Street, sections of Winooski Street, Parker Court, Foundry Street, Warren Court, Batchelder Street, State Drive, Healy Court, Demeritt Place, and any other streets directly adjacent to the active construction zone.
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Thank you for helping us as we plan this exciting program! For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Ariel Mondlak at
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