Ben Bernanke 60 Minutes
As you watch the interview, record content and your opinion.
This assignment is worth 10 points.
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What was the unemployment rate when the interview aired? What was it at the end of February *
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What did the Federal Reserve Bank and Bernanke do during the panic of 2008? *
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What does Bernanke think is a major concern regarding unemployment? *
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How many years does Chairman Bernanke think it will take to return to a "normal unemployment rate" based on the current rate? *
What does Bernanke think is the key problem with people unemployed for 6 months or more? *
What does Bernanke want banks to do regarding loans and risk? *
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What does Bernanke think of the risk of inflation? *
What does Bernanke think of the "fear of inflation"? *
Is the FED printing more money?
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The FED is lowering interest rates by buying treasury securities. Why? *
What rate of growth does Bernanke think is important to just sustain unemployment? *
The growth rate is a reference to Real GDP
What are some of Bernanke's concerns regarding the budget deficit? *
Concentrate on his concerns for the future.
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What is Bernanke's view of the tax code? *
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How does Bernanke view the economy today IF they would have let 12 or 15 firms fail? *
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What are some of Bernanke's issues with the difference in unemployment rates for college grads vs. HS grads? *
How does it impact society?
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What does Bernanke think of the long term? *
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What is your opinion of the comments from Bernanke? *
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What are some of the difficulties of the job of Fed Chair? *
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What challenges does Jerome Powell face in the immediate future as Fed Chair? *
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