Ballroom Partner Survey S19
This survey is to help people find a partner or a friend to come to practice with. We will do our best to match everyone up according to skill level and availability
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Are you a lead or follow? (In general, men are the leaders and women are the followers, but we're happy to have you do whichever part you prefer. see
What classes are you taking?
Do you have previous ballroom experience? (if yes, please explain)
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When are you available to practice?
If you would like to try and find a longer term partner, what terms are you here?
How often would you like to practice?
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If we are unable to find you a partner, would you like us to match you with others who dance the same part as you?
Anything else you want us to know?
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Competing (Optional)
This section is for members who have experience/are interested in competing (either soon or in the future).
How tall are you?
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Are you interested in competing?
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