West Michigan Coyotes - Registration Form
Let's get started!
We're thrilled you are joining the West Michigan Coyotes Youth Mountain Bike Team!

If you have questions or concerns about this form please email wmcoyotesmtb@gmail.com and our coaches will respond.

This form should be filled out by the parent or guardian of your rider(s). However, your riders need to be with you as you fill this out so you can review the Athlete Code of Conduct together.

This form is built to allow you to register up to four children from your family. If you have more than that to register, you'll be doing this form a second time (sorry about that).
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Have you joined WMCR (West Michigan Coast Riders) online, paid, and forwarded your confirmation message to us at wmcoyotesmtb@gmail.com? *
Do you certify that you, the person filling out this form, are a legal guardian of the rider(s) you are registering today? *
I understand there is no cost to join the Coyotes, the entire team is volunteer-coached, and transportation, bike, helmet, fluids, food, etc. are my responsibility. *
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