Prospective Member Questionnaire
Thank-you for your interest in Treehouse Village. The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn about your household and your interest in this project, and for you to leave your contact information so that we may follow up with you.

Please complete one questionnaire per household. Any information you provide will be kept private and will not be shared outside of Treehouse Village Ecohousing.
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About Us
“We envision a joyful, environmentally responsible, healthy, multi-age cohousing community in Bridgewater.”

- Our planet: living lightly on the earth
- Our neighbours: sharing resources and joy, and welcoming to all
- Ourselves: living in a comfortable and healthy home
How aligned are you with our vision and values listed above? *
I have some hesitations that I would like to discuss.
This sounds like what I'm looking for!
Do your personal goals align with the following aspects of our project? *
Please note that some of these are targets or goals, we are working very hard to realize them but sometimes we have to weigh one against another in our decision making process.
Self-contained homes clustered around common amenities
Multi-generational community, welcoming of all family types and ages
Self governed using participatory decision making (Sociocracy)
Medium density building form (stacked flats or townhouses)
Located within the Town of Bridgewater, within walking distance of important amenities and public transit
High degree of energy efficiency, quality construction
Target selling prices between $230k-380k + 15% HST
Target move-in in 2021/2022
About You
We'd like to learn a bit about you, your family composition, your background and interests.
Where do you currently live? (town, province, country) *
How many people live in your household, including yourself? *
What are the ages of each person in your household?
under 10
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Clear selection
Do you anticipate any changes to your family composition in the next 5 years?
What size of cohousing home would you be looking for? *
Please tell us a little more about yourself and your family. *
Why you are interested in living in Treehouse Village Ecohousing? *
What is your favourite memory of a treehouse? (optional)
Next Steps
We're really looking forward to getting to know you as a potential future neighbour. This section is about next steps and keeping in touch.
What is/are the best way(s) to contact you and talk about next steps? *
If you checked "Phone" above, please leave your number here
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Information Sessions
Our information sessions are an important opportunity for you to learn more about the community we are building and to introduce yourselves to us. We try to host information sessions a few times per month online. If you've not attended an info session yet, this will be one of the first steps we will recommend you take.
Have you attended one of our information sessions? If so, when and where? *
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