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NA for Change is a student and alumni-led movement fighting to make North Allegheny more inclusive for all students. Started during a time of widespread reckoning in this country over racial issues, we organized a protest and presented a document to the school board outlining the district's shortcomings and our goals to improve them; since then, we've exponentially grown our platform. Now, we are working with teachers, administrators, fellow students, and community members to implement those changes at all levels and in as many areas as possible.

As an educator or member of the community, we want to hold semi-regular meetings with you to receive feedback and advice from you. There is no need to have your identity publicly disclosed, and so we hope to gain your expertise and learn from your experiences while making sure you feel free to disclose your opinions. Names will not be disclosed unless there is express written permission!

Please fill out this form to join us in making changes that will benefit students for years to come--everyone is welcome!
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