Keep the Veteran’s Memorial Building Open for Dancing
The City of Oakland’s Senior Center has made a decision to cancel all evening and weekend dance events at the Veteran's Memorial Building starting in 2020. Over 20 dance organizations will lose their dance space and the dance communities will not be able to run anymore. In this day and age, dance spaces are disappearing. Having space to dance in the Veterans’ Memorial Building is a true gem of Oakland and should be protected for all seniors and citizens of Oakland. Dance communities are one of the few safe spaces left in our city for different groups to gather and celebrate art and history, together, through dance. The Veteran’s Memorial Building was built to be danced in and preventing established dance organizations from using it is a disservice to the architects of that space, to the dance organizers trying to keep it alive, to the workers whose jobs depend on its existence, to the seniors who created a dance legacy in this space, and to the seniors and citizens who depend on it for recreation. Senior Center, please reconsider this decision, allow the dancers to use the space as it was intended, and continue to empower the local dance communities to keep art and history alive in our local community.
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