Podcaster Questionnaire
This is a survey about podcasting. It is meant for people who are thinking about starting a podcast, have already started a podcast, or have been podcasting for a long time already.

We are using these responses to help build out tools that make it easier for podcasts to be created, shared, and discovered. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact oliver @ sparemin . com

1. What is your relation to podcasting? *
2. Approximately how many episodes have you released?
3. If you do podcast, approximately how long have you been podcasting, in months
4. What are you currently doing to improve your podcast?
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5. Where do you publish (or plan to publish) your podcast? Please check all that apply
6. What is the hardest/most annoying part of podcasting?
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7. What software/apps/Services do you use for podcasting? (either creation/or promotion) Please check all that apply
8. What wastes the most time when creating your podcast?
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9. What made you want to start a podcast?
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10. If you would be open to discussing your answers more, please leave your email below
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11. We'd love to listen to your show, please leave a link to it below if you'd like.
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