Valve Body Questionnaire

1991 - 1993 47RH-Non Lock A-NL
1994 - 1995 47RH A
1996 - 1998 (12V) 47RE B
1998 - 1999 (24V) 47RE C
2000 - 2002 47RE F
2003 47RE or 48RE X
2004 48RE w/ Cable X
2005 - 2007 (5.9L) 48RE w/ TTVA W

Goerend high pressure valve bodies are designed and calibrated for use with the following components:

• Stock apply area front servo piston including Goerend 4-seal billet front servo piston.
• Goerend heavy inner front servo spring along with an OE Diesel front servo spring.
• 3.8 front band apply lever ratio, or 4.2 ratio in high horsepower applications.
• Lever Strut and Anchor Kit.
• 0.080"-0.110" front/direct clutch clearance.
• Billet 4 seal 1-2 accumulator piston.

Using a large apply area front servo, 5.0 ratio lever or large area front drum with a Goerend high pressure valve body may result in extremely harsh or unpleasant shifts, and damage to the front band.
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Front Band Apply Lever Ratio *
Stock front band apply lever on a 47RE has a ratio of 3.8. Stock front band apply lever on a 48RE has a ratio of 5.0. These are not billet. The transmission must be pulled out of the vehicle to change the front band apply lever. The strap and anchor can be changed without pulling the transmission. If you order a 47RE and are not going to change the lever, the ratio is the same, therefore the valve body can be built with slightly lower pressure. If you have a 48RE with a 5.0 lever and do not want to change it, we would build a 48RE LP, an improved version of stock with the Goerend amenities that still uses lower pressure in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and boosted line pressure in lockup and overdrive. A normal Goerend Valve Body runs higher line pressure in all forward gears. In some cases, if a customer purchases the lever and plans to install it later, we can set the pressure low and send a note on where to set the pressure regulator adjustment when the 3.8 lever is installed.
Shifting *
Valve Body Pressure *
Constant pressure is usually recommended for high horsepower and racing applications, but lower constant pressure is also street-able and works well for 2005-07 trucks with the TTVA motor.
Lock-Up Capability *
By default, our 47RE valve bodies (A, B, C, F) are hydraulically capable of locking the torque converter in 2-3-4 and our 48RE valve bodies (X, W) are capable of 1-2-3-4. The truck's computer will not command lock-up in first gear - A manual lock-up switch is required. You would want first gear lock-up if you are mountain towing on steep grades under 10 MPH. Locking the torque converter in first gear would keep the transmission temperature down. Sled pullers normally want first gear lock-up. Drag racers normally want 2-3-4 lock-up. They leave the switch ON, then the torque converter locks as soon as the 2nd gear shift is made. However, some racers have electronic controllers and want 1-2-3-4 lock-up, so it is up to driver preference.
Do/will you have an exhaust brake? *
With an exhaust brake, the valve body needs to be capable of downshifting through the gears while the torque converter is locked to maintain engine breaking. All Goerend valve bodies are capable of downshifting 4-3 while locked, but not all are made to shift 3-2 while locked, so the exhaust brake must be indicated so the valve body can be built accordingly.
Vehicle Use *
Horsepower Level *
Electronics Selection *
We use all new electronics on our valve body builds. These electronics are tested for proper function on our valve body tester with Superflow Windyn and Supershifter Pro software. We do not manufacture these electronics, so therefore we cannot warranty them. Please keep all of the electronics from your valve body core in case you should need a back-up solenoid or sensor at some point. The plastic governor pressure sensor on the 2000-07 trucks seems to be the most problematic. Although the high-pressure version that we are currently using has been performing much better than the original, these still fail occasionally. The BD adapter utilizes the pressure reading from the early style steel governor pressure sensor (which is much less prone to failure) and keeps the voltages within the computer's parameters to prevent fault codes. It also has a built-in temperature sensor that reads the same as the late style plastic sensor to be compatible with the truck's computer.
TTVA Motor (only answer if you selected a "W" valve body in the previous question)
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