Send Us Your Diaspora Town Hall Discussion Points
This is a short 5 question poll to collate recommendations and discussion points from the general public and prospective attendees to a non-partisan Town Hall meeting with Hon. Touma Njie of Banjul South. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday 23rd August 2018 from 6 pm at the Phil Martin Center. Address 135 Princess Rd, Moss side, Manchester, M14 4RE.

Please send us your recommendations, comments and discussion points so that the meeting will be tailored to your preferences. The meeting will be an opportunity to address non-partisan, national issues affecting Gambians Resident and in the Diaspora.

1. Name three main topics you would like to discuss at the Town Hall meeting? *
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2. Rank the five topics listed below in order of importance to you. (1 highest priority and 5 lowest priority) *
Diaspora Strategy (Remittances, Vote and Diaspora NAM)
Human Rights and Freedom of Expression
State of Health Services in The Gambia (Blood Bags)
Environment and Sovereign Resources
Education and the latest School Results
3. What do you think is The Gambia's biggest achievement since the new dispensation? *
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4. What do you think is Gambia's biggest challenge since the new dispensation? *
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5. Please send any comments or thoughts you wish to share?
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