$10 credit to Beautycounter from me!
How do you read though hundreds of Instagram comments and pick just one person to get a $100 credit?!

If you know, tell me cos I didn't know and I didn't even think about that! I told Jared how I was feeling reading all your comments and he said - you should give everyone something. So many of you told me your budgeting really hard, things you want are just out of your price range, or you wanted to be able to gift something to someone else, and honestly I love hearing all of that and wanted to find some way to gift more widely. We're going to do what Jared said (and still pick one $100 winner too!) but because I make some commission off the sales I'm able to hand that back so I'm going to gift everyone of you that commented, a $10 off coupon from me. It's a lot of admin work on my part - just so you know why if it takes me a few days to respond to a message or get you the coupon! But I really want to do it.

BAND OF BEAUTY: This is a massive way to make your money go further and I'm happy to combine that cash back on the band of beauty with the $10 coupon if you're spending over $100. There are no strings attached at all, but it gets you free shipping on any order over $100, and 10% credit back on anything you buy to put to your next purchase which really helps the numbers. You can see it and add it to your cart at: https://bit.ly/37YzM7T.
You'll also get a free gift with your sign up which for Feb is a charcoal mask I love for on the spot treatments and hormonal breakout moments! Ask me if that doesn't make sense - there's not requirement to every purchase anything more, but it really helps cash go further!
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