GLSD Student BYOD Device Registration
This form is to be used to register your BYOD device for GLSD WIFI access and will be open until September 20, 2019. The accuracy of this form is crucial to you being provided timely WIFI access. All devices submitted by August 16, 2019 will be added by the first day of school. All devices submitted after this time should expect a 1 week turn around time. Once your device is added, you will be able to connect to BYOD. If you are unable to connect within the indicated time periods above, please stop in the SH Technology Office.
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This form is only for Greater Latrobe School District students in grades 9 - 12. By checking the below box, I certify that I meet both of those requirements. *
Have you completed your Technology Resource Use Agreement & BYOD Agreement (sent to your school email)? Both Agreements are required for BYOD access. *
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